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Burns and Burn Scars
Skin is a sense organ as well as a barrier for protection that will keep us guarded from pathogenic organisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses. Burns can cause tremendously huge damage to this organ of the body which can later lead to infections and other skin related illnesses. Agnijith, a complete Ayurvedic healing solution is a rejuvenator for skins damaged by burns. Agnijith is a highly effective cream for first degree, second degree and third degree burns and is proved to have regenerated the skin in its original color and texture. Agnijith is excellent against sun burns if applied twice daily.

How can you manage the Burns
If you have Agnijith at home apply at once as it is very effective on minor burns and help quickly heal major burns. Agnijith also prevents the formation of water blisters in case of minor burns if you apply it at once.

Removal of Burn Scars
Burns leave ugly scars on the skin, which become a matter of concern for many. In some cases, skin sensation is not regained and in some the scar will remain intact even though the burn wound is healed completely. Some of the burn wounds will develop into keloids which is nothing but a strong scar. The best known method for the burn scar removal is surgical method, which is fairly expensive and painful.

There comes the importance of Pathanajali, an herbal regime. It is an herbal therapy which is effective against skin disorder without any side effects and is available at an affordable rate. Agnijith is the skin balm which is truly herbal and without any harmful chemicals. It has shown miraculous curing properties, where even the plastic surgeons and cosmetologists failed. It insists to keep away from water as it will prolong the healing process. Agnijith is prepared by Dr. Parameswaran Nair, the mastermind behind the same and under his supervision Agnijith has proved its efficacy in treating acid burns, chemical burns, scars, fire burns etc completely.

How to apply
 Keep the balm in cool dry place.
Apply a thick layer of the balm every 2 hours.
Don't wash wounds with water. Wipe them off with cotton once daily.
Burns and Burn Scars
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I have retained my touching sense and hopefully I might be able to get discharged after a couple of months. This man is 'God'. He has given me a second birth.
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