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Leukoderma and vitiligo
An excellent cure formula for leukoderma- the skin whitening disease Agnijith has gained acceptance in the minds of people. The disease results in the gradual loss of pigment melanin from the skin layers resulting in white patches on the surface of skin. Vitiligo is also a specific kind of leukoderma that usually starts with a small spot that later spreads into patches. These patches spread and merge to form larger patches which also become whiter. Modern science has not been able to generate a medicine that can completely cure leukoderma and vitiligo.
Avail treatment at Pathanjali
The patient concerned can avail our treatment by consulting our doctor through telephone or by mail. The doctor initially analyses and fixes a special treatment program based on the causes of the leukoderma. The treatment period is very important. A complete leukoderma and vitiligo cure requires certain precautions before and during the period of medication.

Pathanjali Ayurvedics is offering the best treatment for vitiligo for more than a decade. Dr. Parameswaran Nair, a well known vitiligo expert in Ayurveda provides vitiligo natural treatment for major and minor vitiligo, child vitiligo, vitiligo on lips, hands, back, wrist, neck etc. Agnijith, a natural medicine for vitiligo, is scientifically proven for its capability to produce pigmentation in areas lacking color. The medicine is very effective for preventing vitiligo by blocking the loss of pigment cells from the skin.

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I have retained my touching sense and hopefully I might be able to get discharged after a couple of months. This man is 'God'. He has given me a second birth.
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