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Protecting your skin from the aftermath of a burn or injury is highly essential. Agnijith acts as a natural mechanism that will help you get rid of issues such as keloids. A keloid tissue is usually formed as a result of extensive growth of tissues at an area of a healed skin injury. They are very firm to touch and rubbery in consistency and appear as fibrous nodules. Its color varies from pink color to flesh color and is also seen as red colored or with a darker tan of brown. 

What does Agnijith do?
Agnijith, a complete herbal remedy of Pathanjali Keloid Treatment Center is a pioneer medicine in the treatment of keloids. Several studies endorsed this property of Agnijith and reinforced the fact that Agnijith is effective against any serious type of keloids. Agnijith is an ultimate solution for keloids and old scars. Patients from various parts of the world visit Dr. Parameswaran Nair seeking a remedy for their problems. Any individual can order the medicine and purchase it through our website.

Moreover, unlike other medication, which expire within 6 months or in a year, this one goes on for 6 years which means you don’t have to worry about the expiration or your money getting wasted. Besides this balm is 100% safe and pure as there are no harmful coloring agents or artificial smell used.

Usage of Agnijith for Keloids

Refrigerate Agnijith
Prior to the application of Agnijith it should be brought to room temperature.
Apply a thick layer of Agnijith on and around the keloid. Leave it on the body for 2 hours.
For any open wound, apply a thick layer every 2 hours.
Wash keloid with mild soap and if any wounds burst then wipe it off with cotton.
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I have retained my touching sense and hopefully I might be able to get discharged after a couple of months. This man is 'God'. He has given me a second birth.
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