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Study By University of Kerala
The in vitro study conducted by the Department of Biotechnology, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram has showed some amazing results which reinforce the fact that Agnijith has the power to inhibit the growth of pathogens on burns and is the real cure for skin infections, burns and scars.
To view the detailed report on the study, click the thumbnail below. Watch Dr. V Thankamani, Head, Department of Biotechnology, University of Kerala, explaining about curative powers of Agnijith and the in vitro study conducted in her department. (Aug, 2003)
  What the video says
Modern medicines are prepared based on a particular formula by adding the necessary ingredients in the right proportion. Since ours is a radical society seeking the reason behind every new thing, it is essential to scientifically prove whether Agnijith really kills the pathogens or not.

Burns are of 3 types, first degree, second degree and third degree burns. This classification is based on the severity of burns - how deep has the burn affected the body.

Third degree burns are the most serious ones since it will be deeper, have high temperatures, protein and fluid loss happens and the patient goes into a shock. Later blood pressure will be lowered; kidneys and heart will get affected. Severity comes when the patient gets infected by pathogens and death due to burns occurs as a result of infection.
I myself have witnessed many serious burn cases being treated at Pathanjali - no blood replacement, no plasma replacement, no antibiotics; and without all these, the patients get perfectly cured. I was wonder-struck and really curious. So I brought a sample of the medicine into my lab, for scientific testing.

We applied our standard testing procedures. We know that an infection is caused by bacteria. Highly powerful toxins are produced by bacteria like pseudomonas. A culture medium containing these bacteria would seem poisonous even to a laymen because of its color, appearance etc.

Voice over: it is highly important to convince the modern society regarding any kind of a medical treatment facility that is being used.

This is nutrient agar. It has the medium, i.e. all the food materials and environment required for bacteria to grow. In this medium we inoculate the dangerous micro organisms like Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Proteus, E. coli, Klebsiella etc. Then we applied a very small percentage of Agnijith and we can see that only 2 bacteria i.e. Pseudomonas and Proteus have grown. Growth of others like Staphylococcus, Klebsiella etc. is completely or partially inhibited.

Next, is the same medium with same type of microbes inoculated and we have 5% Agnijith applied. We can see that none of the organisms are growing. Growth of all the bacteria is completely inhibited.

Similar is the case of fungus. We have a special medium for fungus. It has high glucose content, low pH etc. Here, we have inoculated most common fungi like Aspergillus, Candida, Penicillium etc. At 5-10%, Agnijith has inhibited all of them completely.
  Studies by Burn Survivors Throughout The World
Burn Survivors throughout the World is a non-profit organization functioning for burn survivors offering awareness, education, support team, advocacy, medical referrals etc to victims of burns. Pathanjali has teamed up with BSTTW on different occasions to support various medical studies conducted by them.

Agnijith has been donated to BSTTW by the famous movie star Bharath Mammootty, which will help save many lives.

Acknowledgement Letter from BSTTW
"I would like to personally thank you and Pathanjali Ayurvedic, Ltd. for donating 200 90g jars of Agnijith, a $9000.00 USD value."

Letter from Michael Appleman, CEO of Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc., thanking for the donation of Agnijith.

Donation news at the BSTTW Website

Michael Appleman, CEO of BSTTW speaks on Agnijith, a herbal medication donated to BSTTW
BSTTW is proudly announces the receipt of 200 90 gram jars of Agnijith, from Pathanajali Ayurvedic Ltd and the Ayuryeda Laboratory in India. The funds for the same were donated by Mr. Mammootty a renowned personality from India.

The herbal medication Agnijith has been seen to heal 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns. It has also been found to help reduce burn scars and keloids. Back in 2006 BSTTW had conducted a medical study in Assiut, Egypt. We found that Agnijith was able to heal burn injuries in a timely fashion. You can see pictures from our work in Egypt by going to

Also in 2006 BSTTW travelled to Vietnam and offered wound care work with Agnijith. BSTTW found that Agnijith was able to heal deep second degree burns. To see pictures of this work go to bin/album/

BSTTW is currently in the process of setting up a new medical study. We are speaking to several pharmaceutical companies about using their medication up against Agnijith. The medical study is being carried out to see which medication works well in reducing burn scars. BSTTW is also holding discussions with doctors and hospitals in Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Ghana and Vietnam about conducting the medical study and helping burn survivors in their part of the world. The medical study does not have a name at this time. If you would like to take part in creating the name for the study, email us your suggestions at
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I have retained my touching sense and hopefully I might be able to get discharged after a couple of months. This man is 'God'. He has given me a second birth.
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